Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person’s assets, property and/or estate is distributed in accordance with his/her last will and testament. If no such documents exist, assets are distributed according to state law.

The probate process can be confusing and expensive. The attorneys of Boyd, Rummell, Carach, Curry, Kaufmann, & Bins-Castronovo have worked with clients to draft the necessary will and testamentary documents to avoid probate, as well as set up living wills and a power of attorney. We can also help you through the process of estate administration after losing a loved one.

Our Probate & Estate Planning services include:


In some cases, a court will appoint a guardian to oversee the legal and financial affairs, as well as the personal care (if applicable) of a minor or an adult who can’t manage his/her own affairs due to age or a physical/mental disability.

Living Wills and Power of Attorney

Also referred to as a Health Care Directive or an Advance Directive, a living will is a legal document that lets you state your end-of-life medical care wishes if you become unable to communicate your decision. It’s an important part of the estate planning process because it provides guidance to family members and health care professionals who would otherwise be left guessing what your wishes would be. It can also help prevent disputes between family members during a very emotional time.
Living Wills in Ohio
Under Ohio law, a living will declaration is applicable only to individuals in a terminal condition or a permanently unconscious state. It documents the person’s wishes with regard to the provision or withholding of life-sustaining treatment, including artificially or technologically supplied nutrition and hydration.
Health Care Power of Attorney
Also called a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, or Health Care Proxy, a Health Care Power of Attorney is authorized to obtain your health information for you and make health care decisions for you when you are unable. The accompanying document does not replace, nor does it overrule a Living Will.

Wills and Estates

Putting together an effective estate plan protects your loved ones after you have passed away, but also provides you with peace-of-mind knowing that you’ve established guidelines for the ones whom you’ve designated to manage your affairs after death.

From preparing a last will and testament to granting power of attorney, our firm brings decades of personalized service and expertise to your unique needs. Contact our office for a free consultation.